KHA - 20 Liferaft - Youlong

Jual inflatable  liferaft (rakit tiup) kapasitas 20 orang

Harga Normal Rp. Rp. 24.200.000, -


Method of Product Inspection

The product inspected by sampling in term of the rules:

The products described in the certificate have been inspected by sampling by the Surveyor of the Society in accordance with the approved inspection scheme, and the Marine Product Certificate is issued upon satisfactory inspection.

Inspection of Material And Components

The following materials and components of the product were inspected by the Society :

  1. Thermal Protective
  2. Fresh Water for Survival 
  3. First Aidkit 
  4. Radar Reflector
  5. Liferaft Light
  6. Buoyant Smoke Signals
  7. Hand Flares
  8. Rocket Parachute Flares
  9. Operating Head
  10. Food Ration for Survival
  11. Daylight signaling mirrors
  12. Forward Rope
  13. Cynders for Inflatable liferafts

The Following materials and components of the product should be manufactured by the factory approved by the society :

  • Retro-reflective Materials
  • Gas inflation systems

Statement of responsibility

The inspection of the society does not affect and replace any approval and certification of the manufacturer by any parties that bear no relation with this societys authorization or survey and therefore takes no responsibility for these parties. the society does not undertake any legal and economic liabilitiesarising from accepting this societys certificate without prior permission from this society.


The declaration of asbestos-free submitted by manufacturer has been reviewed by the society. However, liability of the manufacturere.

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Spesifikasi Liferaft Youlong Tipe KHA-20

Type KHA-20
Physical form rectangular octagon
Capacity 20
Length ,mm, ±1000 4390
Width, mm, ±1000 3040
Height , mm, ±50 1500
WP pressure,kPa 13.3
Specification of cylinder 6×2
Gas volume, g CO2, ±050 3500
N2, ±020 240
Container Dia. (mm) 700
Length(mm) 1285
Total weight, kg  ≤ 170